i am you and you are me.

i am you and you are me.

How do I say I am everything unlike you

when you constitute me


in some words which I picked as I talked to you

in some hand gestures as you which my body reiterates time to time unknowingly

in some music taste which I lifted out of your playlist

in some memory that I shared with you

in some bone of my body

Or even an atom

you live inside my body somewhere

How do I make myself realise that you are a part of me

we exchanged a part of ourselves in the slightest moment that we shared

i changed. I grew

because of people who came into and exited from my life

and added to my worldliness

drew me closer to the person that I ought to be

I am the culmination of people like you that I will encounter in my lifetime and I will not know who i truly am till my body turns to ash because that would be the day I would cease to have all human contact.

the way a land turns barren and no flower can blossom in it and add to its persona.

the way the night fades away and no star can twinkle in the sky and add to its beauty.

if we leave parts of ourselves in every person we meet

does it not mean i am you and you are me.

Hopeful of a Forever of Smiles

Hopeful of a Forever of Smiles




Everytime she doesn’t want him to let her hand slip away when wrapped in his
; guilty , she smiles

Everytime he looks into her eyes like he saw his whole world lie beyond them, as if they weren’t just a pair of blue eyes but the openings to a sea of life
; sheepish , she smiles

Everytime he sings her a love song and tunes into every part of her body with his captivating voice
; provocative , she smiles

Everytime she thrusts her body against his and smells him as if she had smelt love for the first time
; uncontrollable , she smiles

Everytime the edges of her lips danced till her cheeks , he stared so hard as if he wanted to capture every detail in that moment as it came                                                                                     so that he could relive her beautiful smile once he ceased to be the reason behind the same.



The ‘L’ word .

The ‘L’ word .



I fall in love everyday

I fall in love with the way people think, the way people talk. I fall in love with their minds

I fall in love with acts of kindness and compassion. I fall in love with people’s souls

I fall in love with people around me when they are the reason behind the smile that I wear , the different emotions that I feel , the kind of love that validates my existence

I fall in love with him when he reminds me of home , when he makes me feel like I belong. Not to him , but to myself , to the universe. The kind of love that overpowers my existence

I fall in love with moments. When I step into the shower and feel the water awaken every cell of my constitution . When I rest my cheek on the windowpane and feel the sun kiss every detail of my face. When I stop amidst the mayhem and  be grateful for the sky above me and the ground below me and for the mind and the soul that belong to me. And in those moments , i feel self love.

Love is ubiquitous , Love is inevitable. Its upon each of us to find it and experience it

Love comes easy to me , because I don’t wait for my eyes to search for something that they might find beautiful and call it love , I let my soul search for things that make my heart happy and fall in love.


Her body, Her choice

Her body, Her choice


The way her neutral hued jacket cut right below her pelvic

Making the torso feel hidden but elongated

The way her pants wrapped themselves perfectly around her waist as if they belonged there and no where else

Making her navel sit right on the edge of the belt peeping out as if it were to charm its audience

The way her wide black pants swayed along her long legs

Offering them the privilege to glide against her skin every now and then

The way her striking red statements got her 6 inches closer to touching the sky

Making her hair flip in the air without her knowing it every time she stepped foot down the aisle

Made her feel young and fearless and powerful

The power of a woman lies in her bones and flesh

In the skin that she was born with

And in the skin that she chooses to wear.



my heart, home to happiness

my heart, home to happiness


i used to believe happiness is only momentary

it used to enter my life one moment and slip away from under my skin the next

but I finally felt it constantly keeping ties with me . not suddenly abandoning me after intervals

happiness decided to stay when I collected fragments of myself that I had so generously gifted to my beloved ones

happiness decided to stay when I made myself whole and there was no broken piece that lay in the power of another human who could dictate my emotions

happiness decided to stay when I was the only possessor of my temple who I’ve decided to nurture and grow since with all that it deserves

happiness decided to stay when i shut out those who made me feel anything lesser than what i am and what i am yet to be

happiness now has a permanent place in a home that once made it feel unwelcomed.